Myra's lemonade stand

Myra loves lemonade. It's a hot summer and Myra decides to make a lemonade stand and sell her delicious lemonades. She learns about what price she wants to charge for her lemonade. She also learns about discounts and how she needs to have the right type of lemonade that people love the most. This is a good story to learn about how stores work.

Maya The Science Kid
Why do we get sick and what are vaccines?

This is the first episode of Maya’s new podcast: To School and Back with Maya. The podcast is about questions Maya has as we drive to and from school.

You can find the podcast on iTunes here:

This episode is about viruses and bacteria and how we get sick. We talk about vaccines. We learn how vaccines are basically a small sample of the virus. The virus goes into the body and introduces the itself to the white blood cells, which are the way the body defends itself. Once the body learns about the disease it knows how to deal with the virus if it sees it in the future.

The picture of the post is when President Obama got a vaccine to show that vaccines are safe. Here’s the link to that story:

Maya The Science Kid
What’s voting and can kids vote?

Maya asked about voting and elections. We talk about that tonight. And we talk about how it’s important to vote and the history of voting rights.

This is a special episode. We may have more episodes about history and news besides science as the questions come up for Maya.

Maya The Science Kid
How We Went to the Moon

This is a story about how humans traveled to the moon. It's a story about astronauts and the space mission. Maya was an astronaut for Halloween. Hope you enjoy it!

Maya The Science Kid