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Hi, I’m Maya

I want to learn along with you. And teach you about some new things you might not have even known, like science.

On my page, you can find things to learn and new things. I also have a podcast that you can listen to.

My favorite thing to learn is how things are made. I like watching How It’s Made with my daddy. And I like watching cooking, specially on YouTube. My favorite cooking thing to watch is the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen.


bedtime stories PODCAST

Have you heard my bedtime stories podcast? It’s stories my daddy tells me at night some times.

It has lots of animal stories. And lots of Sam and Sara stories. Sam and Sara are mermaids. And lots of adventure with Sam and Sara stories.

It is fun to listen to at night. When you feel like you don’t want to go to sleep, you can always listen to one of my podcasts. And you’ll simply fall asleep.

Have lots of fun listening to my podcast and going on adventures with Sam and Sarah.

To School And Back PODCAST

Sometimes I have questions that I want to ask Daddy when we drive time to or from school. The Daddy answers my questions and I think it’s fun for other kids to hear also.

The questions are like “why do we get hot and cold?” or “why do some people wear glasses?” or “why does do trucks have so many wheels?”

BOOK reviews

I read lots of books. Some of them are fun. Some of them are not. I like to tell you about them so you can also enjoy reading them.

I like fiction books like Little Women, Black Beauty, and Knuffle Bunny.

Some of my favorites books are non-fiction, like biography of Maya Angelou and Louis Braille and Catherine Johnson.

science videos

I will show you some science experiments. Some are things that you have to wear safety equipments to do the experiments. I do my science projects with my dad and my uncle.

Some of the projects was a weight experiment. I did that with my dad. I did dissecting of fish and squid and turkey with my uncle. And we also did an experiment about the different types of conifer trees.

Every year at my school I do a science show. The science show is all about science. Every time you have to think of your own science experiment that you can carry to my school. We have a science fair where kids show their projects to other parents and kids.